Dapper Duck
Dapper Duck

Photo by Frank Horvat, 1957


cuddles, anyone?


The photographer Geordie Wood posted a picture of a young girl he took in 2008. This is what he wrote about that day and afterwards:
“One fine day in August 2008 I was shooting street style for style.com in the Meatpacking District. My editor and I were trolling for stylish folks when we happened upon the young woman posing above. When we approached her she was shopping with her mom but took a moment to pose for a photo. After taking three frames I asked for her info and in a very serious tone she responded, I am Lady Gaga – a singer/songwriter. It took all my energy to not break into hysterics, needless to say I let out a laugh later that day.
Sure enough it only took a couple months until she started popping up everywhere. After recounting this story recently to a friend I decided to dig up the photos. It seems that I caught her in the early stages of transformation into the cyborg we know and love today.”